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Incorporated in 2014, GIMDx, Inc. is a liaison between the US and the rapidly expanding Chinese healthcare market. We have built a sophisticated bio-medical laboratory focusing on IVD product R&D while actively pursuing licensing opportunities for our partners. With our extensive network in China, GIMDx is also a source of high-quality and cost-efficient products for the US and global markets.
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GIMDx has positioned itself to be a R&D engine and trustworthy business partner working between the US and China. We have an American scientific team possessing professional and broad expertise in medical device, IVD and relevant areas. With resources from our parent company, regulatory agencies, medical KOLs and business partners in China, we can help American companies establish reliable and mutually beneficial partnerships through distribution, licensing, joint-venture, or acquisition with the goal of achieving the following objectives:

1. Accelerated regulatory approval process.
2. Shortened clinical trial cycles.
3. Reduced manufacturing cost.
4. Successful fund-raising for start-up companies.
5. Outreach to thousands of leading Chinese hospitals and commercial labs.
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GIMDx, Inc., a California corporation, is a subsidiary of Guangzhou Improve Medical Instruments Co., Ltd (Improve Medical). Improve Medical is a Guangzhou, China based public company listed on the ChiNext of Shenzhen Stock Exchange and is focused on medical consumable, IVD and digital medicine. Nearly one thousand employees at Improve Medical are working to provide quality medical products to more than 2000 hospitals in China and thousands of customers in more than 70 countries.

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