6000a 526

Homogenization Processor

The Automatic Homogenization Processor is a fully-automated fecal preparation instrument that conveniently pre-processes fecal specimens for test applications including the Giardia Chemiluminescence Assay and the Ova & Parasite test. This is a walk-away instrument that is a closed system for biosafety protection.

Main Features:

  • Full filtration separation technology rapidly releases fecal elements
  • Double filtration produces homogenized filtrate into test tube
  • Test tube puncture hole silicone-gel cap provides closed system that avoids cross-contamination
  • Test tube can be stored at -20°C for long term storage
  • Sample container and test tube can be barcode labeled
  • 60 sample capacity


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GIMDx, Inc. is the authorized distributor of the Automatic Homogenization Processor manufactured by Xiamen Sciendox Biological Technology Co., Ltd. Inquire at sales@gimdx.com for additional specifications and ordering information.