Business Development for IVD Companies

business-developmentGIMDx provides business development assistance for IVD companies interested in entering the Chinese healthcare market.  Our business development team works with interested companies in four ways:

  • Direct Distribution
  • Licensing
  • Collaboration and R&D Support
  • Commercialization Assistance

To achieve our business development objectives we have established a Molecular Pathology Center in Foshan City and intend to establish two more molecular centers.  This ensures a patient base for our molecular business from the start.  GIMDx and Improve Medical can assist companies who wish to have their products registered with CFDA (China Food and Drug Administration).  We have the experience and resources to perform clinical studies that meet Class II and Class III product registration requirement.

At GIMDx we are actively pursuing partnerships with leading IVD companies that have first in class products that we will make successful in the Chinese IVD market through our four business development pipelines.