Research & Development

The GIMDx R&D effort is conducted in our BSL2 laboratory in Carlsbad, supported by the talent pool in southern California and supply chain the US.  Our laboratory also functions as an incubator for local entrepreneurs to co-develop innovative IVD products.

Our efforts focus on specialty technologies and products in IVD markets that have significant unmet medical needs. We have built technology platforms and know-how with a belief that solid technological capability is essential to any successful product development program.

Technology Platforms

  • Flow cytometry and cell biology
Tissue culture space with biosafety cabinet, NovoCyte Flow Cytometer, incubator, centrifuge, microscope, -80°C freezer and liquid nitrogen storage.
  • Immunoassay
Plate-based chemiluminescence immunoassay and regular ELISA for automated or manual assays and incubator/shaker.
  • Lab automation
ThunderBolt Analyzers, Automatic Homogenization Processors, plate dispenser and washer.
  • PCR
Dedicated room for molecular biology including PCR, HEPA-filtered cabinet and microcentrifuges.

Diagnostic Targets

  • Parasitology antigen: a diagnostic kit targeting Giardia lamblia cyst antigen intended for central laboratories to examine veterinary fecal specimens.
  • Cardiovascular marker: an indicator to monitor effects of antiplatelet medication. 
  • Specialty T cells: analyses of cell surface markers of human T stem cell memory cells.
  • Tumor marker: a novel marker for early detection of liver and pancreatic cancers.